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Computer Account Disablement for Final Year Students

Closure of computer accounts for final year students


Computer and email accounts will be closed mid-October for final year students. However, check your university email regularly over the summer for:

  • information on graduation;
  • notification of the date your email account will be disabled; and
  • notification of the deletion date of your email account.


If you are finishing your course this year, it is important that you save your data before your computer account is closed.



  • It is your responsibility to make copies of any files you need. This includes everything stored in your OneDrive. 
  • If your faculty wants to keep any work you have done, either you or the department must make arrangements for the files to be moved before your account is closed.
  • Files can’t be recovered once your computer account is closed.




  • It is your responsibility to redirect your university email and inform your contacts of your new email address.
  • Email redirection will stop once your computer account is closed.
  • Emails can’t be recovered once your computer account is closed.


Web pages


  • You should inform people who have linked to your web pages (if appropriate) that they will cease to exist when your account is closed.




  • If you have any credit on your university card, you can use it to pay library charges or use it in a café on campus.




Library accounts


Library membership expires at the end of your course.

Please note: 

  • All materials must be returned and any charges cleared from your account.
  • Your university card will allow you access to the library until your computing account is closed.
  • If you are starting a new course next year, it may be possible to arrange temporary associate membership over the summer. Please speak to a member of staff in the library.
  • If you have concerns about your finishing date, check the date with your faculty to ensure you remain on the student records system until the correct date.




If you have any queries about your computing account please contact LibraryandITenquiries@plymouth.ac.uk or telephone (01752) 588588





Modified 24/05/2018