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Open Access Computing and Assistive Technology

Open Access Computing and Software for learners

Open Access Computing

There are 210 PCs available in the Library which are available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.  Anyone with a University Card has access to this facility.

  •  Level 0 = 128 PCs
  •  Level 1 = 56 PCs
  •  Level 2 = 11 PCs
  •  Level 3 = 15 PCs

High Spec PCs on Level 0 (outside 008 & at South West of 003):

Priority for these machines is given to Library users using the engineering software provided:

  • ANSYS Icepak 14.9

  • LUSAS Modeller

  • Master series

  • SolidWorks

  • Tekla Structures

Weekly updates are performed to install the latest software and security patches.This requires a period of shutdown, generally during the night. Each computer has a tag attached with details of shutdown times.

If you are logged in to a computer you will also receive a pop-up warning to give you time to save your work and log out.

To check availability of PCs across the campus, use the PC Finder tool.


Software for learners

Specialist software is available on all university computers.


This is ‘brain-storming’ or ‘mind-mapping’ software. It can help you with organising essays, arranging notes, planning presentations, etc. 

MindView Guide


TextHELP Read&Write:

This programme includes the following features:
  • Screen reader - to read aloud from documents and web pages
  • Spell checker - homonyms (bare/bear etc.)
  • Word Wizard - to help you understand what you read 



Sonocent is software for PC and Mac which offers a visual and interactive form of note taking. Audio recordings are transformed from a single stream of information to easy to interpret coloured bars. Audio Notetaker is an ideal piece of assistive technology software to help with note-taking.

Sonocent Audio Notetaker guide 

See the Library Guide for more information on assistive equipment and software.

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Modified 08/11/2018
Author: AdminS, AdminS